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Lauren Tate

Lauren is just 15 and has a voice and an individual character that is worthy of sharing with a much wider audience! Laurens ever evolving personal style and creativity can be seen throughout her page/ uploads. She has a soulful voice that leaves you hanging on her every word and there is a rocky angst in her voice that is waiting to get out. Co- writing an album is allowing Lauren the freedom to express herself and sing music that she can have a real connection with and this will be heard in the new material to come. The song writing journey is a new and enjoyable experience for Lauren and she is very fortunate to have found two very talented musicians that are willing to nurture Laurens talents and put in the hard work required . The first year has produced some very exciting material, with so much more to come.

For a young girl she already has a lot that she wants to say in her music. Lauren would admit herself she doesn’t always fit the “norm” but her unique personality will be personified in her music and presence in the music industry when the opportunity comes!!!!!

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